Invent Your Own

The first edition of Littlecodr includes 12 Mission Cards of various levels of difficulty. These are what we came up with, now we want to see what you can do!

Use the forum below to submit your own ideas for Mission Cards and vote on those submitted by others. Try these Missions at home and watch for the top vote getters to be released in a future expansion pack!

53 votes

Little Pencil Codr

Instead of using the Action Cards to move a person, use them to instruct someone where to move a pencil. See if you can make your “robot” write their name!

25 votes


Up the stakes by blindfolding the person you are directing! This can be a variation on any of the existing mission cards. Chose any one you like and have your partner follow your commands with a blindfold on.

13 votes

Ministry of Funny Walks

I used to do this with my ESL classes. Make me do funny walks, just like John Cleese.

10 votes


Add a new card called “Function Card”

10 votes


The person you are directing has to do the entire sequence backwards. Tip: make sure that left and right guide them in the correct direction!

1 vote


When you come to this action card you need to squeak like a mouse.

-3 votes

Three steps forward

You know the old saying “three steps forward, two steps back”? This card would make you do a sequence and then the other player has to do it by remembering to do each step three times forward and two steps back!

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